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In the field with LG Seeds

(CIFN photo)

MINONK – Bryan Lessen echoes the comments of several others in the seed industry this year when he says corn yields have been a pleasant surprise with better than expected yields.

The district sales manager for LG Seeds says the high corn yields are mostly due to great kernel fill, depth and weight during a cool August and September. He says the beans coming out of fields are looking good too. LG offers a lineup of both Extend and Liberty Link beans.

“We want to make sure the farmer is comfortable with what he is signing up for from a weed control aspect,” explains Lessen.

Some popular LG corn varieties include 5650 which is a 115-day maturity with excellent dry down potential. It has been a good year for this number and there is decent availability for next year. There is a more limited supply of 5606 which is a 111-day corn with outstanding performance in fields this season.

“There’s no time like the present to order. We’ve got and end of the month prepay here for October and we also have zero percent financing with full volume discounts,” said Lessen.

Lessen can be reached at 309-660-5974.

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