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In the Field with ProHarvest

Photo courtesy of Maria Arseneau, ProHarvest Seeds Marketing Coordinator.

Despite some rain events in recent weeks, the 2017 harvest is progressing well throughout the area.

Soybean harvest appears to be ahead of schedule based on past seasons but the corn pace has been slower to pick up because of higher moisture levels.

“Thankfully, with the warm weather we’ve had the previous couple of weeks, it was able to take some of those fuller season products and bring them down to a moisture level where growers are going to be more interested in running a combine through the field,” explained Sean Jordal, ProHarvest Seeds agronomist.

Jordal estimates around 80 percent of soybeans are out of the field in Central Illinois, although that number isn’t quite as high in the eastern part of the state. Most growers have been pleasantly surprised with the quality of the crops coming out of the field.

“Test weights in corn have been good. Kernel size and depth of grain on that cob has been extremely good,” Jordal added.

ProHarvest has several new products, including a 112-day corn hybrid known as 8277 which has been performing well in different soil types. The earlier maturing 105-day 6540 has also been performing well when compared to full season varieties. Growers seem to be interested in Liberty soybeans and Jordal says ProHarvest’s beans are yielding well. This gives farmers an alternative to a glyphosate-based herbicide program.

ProHarvest Seeds is a family owned and operated seed business based in Ashkum, Illinois. Find out more by visiting:

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