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Atkins Seed Service fall update

Customers of Atkins Seed Service have been noticing better than expected yields in the field this fall.

Even though soybeans are not combining easy for some, more bushels are coming in according to Dale Atkins of Atkins Seed Service at Weston. Pioneer offers a full spectrum of seed varieties with improved characteristics. Atkins says Pioneer 1197 has proven itself to be a dependable corn hybrid while the 31A22 bean is doing really well in plots.

"Agronomics seem like they have been brought along right with the higher yields,” explains Atkins.

Pioneer offers a new Liberty soybean lineup with a variety of maturities available. The company also has non-GMO, Roundup and Roundup Xtend soybeans as well. An early seed order period is underway through November and Atkins says early confirmed orders are important.

The possibility of vapor drift from Xtend soybeans has been a big topic since summer, but so far, any significant yield damage has not been confirmed. In fact, we are hearing consistently higher yields from soybean fields.

“It’s maybe just a sigh of relief for all of us that those yields were not significantly damaged and that opens up herbicide choices,” said Atkins.

Tall water hemp is really putting the pressure on farmers to be able to control weeds effectively. Atkins believes dicamba is one of the premium weed control methods available.

Atkins Seed Service is located at the corner of Route 24 and the Weston Blacktop between Fairbury and Chenoa in McLean County and can be reached at 815-945-5113.

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