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Deere promotes utility tractors

The market for compact utility tractors is hot and John Deere had a number of them on display at farm shows this year.

The company’s 2025R tractor is new for 2018. The 25-horsepower compact tractor has a loader, auto-connect mower deck and backhoe.

“This tractor is all about versatility and being able to do many different tasks at many different times and doing those tasks easily,” states Jon Schebler, product marketing manager for John Deere.

The machine can be used for mowing, digging and grading. It has optional LED headlights which allow for easier nighttime work.

Deere also has a redesigned 3025E for 2018. Schebler calls this a very easy to use machine at a reasonable price.

“We’ve got a new sloped hood design so it becomes a little easier to see over the front end of that tractor when you’re doing loader work.”

Both tractors, which were at this year's Farm Progress Show at Decatur, are being ordered by dealers and should be out on the lots in the coming months.

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