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Digital ag keeps moving forward

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It’s amazing to think what digital agriculture will be able to do in the future with performance analysis and improving decisions.

The Climate Corporation is one of the companies offering a futuristic approach to ag information. Since harvest is the culmination of the year, the company is helping growers understand how they performed and what factors impacted that.

“The most important thing we can do there is really make sure we are collecting great harvest data,” said Rick Myroup, senior director of product marketing for Climate.

FieldView Drive can be plugged into a port on the combine. It then collects high resolution data as a combine travels through a field. This connects to a grower’s FieldView account and flows directly into the cloud.

“You can analyze performance on that field at the sub-field level as soon as you’re done harvesting,” Myroup added.

All of the information is now at your fingertips and can be shared on a smart phone, tablet or laptop. Yield maps can be shared with others straight from the combine cab. Myroup says data stays in the FieldView program for as long as the farmer wants it to be there.

The Climate Corporation also allows growers to study precipitation on a field by field basis.

“We’ll give a real-time update with the best data we have.”

To find out more, visit or visit with your local seed dealer to find out how FieldView can work with your operation. Climate also offers advanced seed scripts and nitrogen monitoring.

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