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View from the Cab: #SoilYourUndies

The Illinois Corn Growers Association display at last week's Farm Progress Show in Decatur / CIFN photo.

Illinois Corn gets the award for the most creative and attention-getting display at this year’s Farm Progress Show.

Who would have thought dirty underwear would lead to a successful show marketing campaign? Illinois Corn’s Tricia Braid told me they were “soiling undies for soil health.” If you search for the hashtag #soilyourundies on social media, you will see examples of this.

“The idea is to demonstrate soil health in a very memorable and engaging way,” Braid explains.

To check on the health of your soil, simply bury 100 percent cotton briefs (or any cotton fabric). When you bury the briefs, leave the elastic showing in different cropping types, such as cover crops, strip till and no till and you will likely notice a difference. Return to the same area in six to eight weeks and carefully dig them up.

“The rate of decay is an indicator of soil health,” added Braid.

The crummier the undies look, the healthier the soil. Illinois Corn says this is a good way to wrap your head around some of the issues facing ag and it gives you a visual.

Another interesting display at the show included a massive harvesting machine known as the Tribine. This new industry concept aims to help farmers reduce operating costs since there is no need to run a separate grain cart next to the machine. The Tribine holds 1,000 bushels in its rear module.

I was also impressed with a new methane-powered tractor revealed by New Holland Agriculture during the show’s opening day. This machine should be available for purchase in the next few years. John Deere showed off its latest combine model while Case IH had a new and improved Early Riser planter parked on the lot.

You can look back at some of my Farm Progress Show coverage on Facebook, Twitter and the CIFN website. It was another great show and I look forward to its return to Decatur in 2019.

(The View from the Cab blog is powered each week by Petersen Motors in Fairbury)

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