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Area field update

(CIFN file photo)

GRIDLEY – The rain showers from early this week and a nice rain last week really helped out crops in the area.

Fields around Gridley in McLean County had been pretty dry up to that point, says Bill Roth, plant manager for the Gridley Brandt Consolidated location.

“We’ve been hurting here most of the summer,” Roth said. “It’s just been pretty hard to get some rain.”

Roth expects a decent crop this fall, but it certainly won’t be what it was the past few years. Roth estimates some growers starting the corn harvest in a couple of weeks. He suggests having a plan in place for fall fertilizer needs and even seed for 2018.

Brandt seed specialist Kyle Wettstein says there is a new seed treatment coming for corn and soybeans, available through the Acceleron platform.

“They’ve been seeing about a three-bushel yield advantage on soybeans and about a seven-bushel advantage on corn,” Wettstein said.

Wettstein recommends keeping a close eye on the Dekalb products out in the plots this year, as they are looking good. Crops look variable across the Brandt territory due to spring weather and stand counts which were compromised early in the season.

“In tours that I’ve done on my own just walking fields, it seems to be about a 150-250 range which is pretty broad across our area.”

According to Wettstein, this won’t be the greatest year but will hopefully be better than many are anticipating.

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