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Tribine a show favorite

The Tribine is shown at this week's Farm Progress Show in Decatur / CIFN photo.

DECATUR – A unique piece of machinery got a few stares at the Farm Progress Show this week.

A new concept in the combine industry known as the Tribine was parked in the middle of the show site for attendees to take an up-close look and even climb into the cab.

Greg Terjesen, vice president of sales and marketing for Tribine Harvester, says little has changed over the years when it comes to combines.

“The only thing that’s changed is the engines have gotten bigger and electronics have gotten more sophisticated with GPS,” explained Terjesen.

Unlike other machines, the Tribine holds 1,000 bushels in its rear module, which can fill a semi. The company’s goal is to help farmers reduce operating costs since there is no need to run a grain cart next to the machine.

“You save on the grain cart, you save on the operator, you save on fuel and become more efficient,” Terjesen said.

The company builds machines for custom orders and the turnaround time to receive one is usually 120-150 days. Tribine targets key states in the grain belt for sales and they continuously do field demonstrations.

Tribine was the top draw at last year’s Farm Progress Show in Iowa and at Husker Harvest Days and that looks to be the case this year as well.

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