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View from the Cab: An eye-opening matter

A speech last week given by Dr. Aaron Hager from the University of Illinois was eye opening for everyone in attendance.

Hager spoke about the trending summer ag topics of herbicide-resistant weeds and dicamba application during an agronomy event held near Lexington.

These two issues have literally consumed most of our growing season so far. For the past few weeks, phone calls to Hager’s office have dealt with off-target movement of dicamba and exposure to sensitive soybeans.

“There are a lot of possibilities right now, whether it be off-target exposure due to contaminated equipment. There is always the possibility of volatilization for treated fields that can travel great distances from that original source,” Hager explained.

Hager believes in some instances, particle drift could have taken place the morning after application if temperature inversion occurs.

“We’ve literally seen quite a few of these play out across the state this year,” Hager noted.

If growers use only one single practice to handle resistant weeds, Hager believes we are just repeating processes of the past when weed resistance initially developed. He says diversification is key. Using different tactics can effectively control major weeds without leading to resistance.

Hager joined the U of I Department of Crop Sciences faculty in 2002. As an associate professor of weed science, he is responsible for weed biology and management research in corn and soybean production systems. Hager’s research examines the management and biology of weed species which are becoming increasingly problematic and common here in Illinois.

Thanks to Hager for speaking to us and telling it like it is.

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