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Fair time for Livingston County

(CIFN file photo)

Hot temperatures, scattered thunderstorms and mid-July…the perfect combination for a county fair.

This year’s Livingston County Ag Fair promises plenty of family-friendly entertainment along with the traditional livestock shows and 4-H projects on display. Instead of Monday through Thursday, this year’s fair runs Wednesday through Saturday, July 19-22, at 4-H Park near Pontiac.

Entertainment highlights include the World Championship Rodeo by Broken Horn Rodeo Company Friday at 7 p.m. and the always popular demolition derby Saturday at 7:30 p.m. by Ramer Race Promotions. Both events will be held in the grandstand area. We can recall years when people had to park at Caterpillar because the parking was so full at 4-H Park.

Even though July weather can be unpleasant at times, visitors to the Livingston County Ag Fair can enjoy the numerous shade trees at the park. It feels pretty nice to sit on a bench enjoying the fresh breeze on a warm summer afternoon. You can top it off with a cold, refreshing cup of ice cream from the nearby Prairie Farms stand.

The Livingston County Ag Fair goes back quite a few years, according to the fair’s website, Volunteers have hosted an ag fair in the county since 1930. Volunteers continue to maintain 4-H Park by repairing buildings, improving the grounds and sponsoring fundraisers.

“Their goal is to continue a long held tradition and improve on it so our community has a beautiful park and campground to enjoy and an opportunity to spend time as a family at an outstanding fair,” the website states.

Thanks to all of those who make the Livingston County Ag Fair possible. It is a great way to showcase agriculture right here in our great county. More importantly, it gives us a chance to see what the young people of our communities are doing through 4-H. These kids are tomorrow’s leaders. Come out to the fair and you’ll see why.

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