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Jenner Precision update

Jenner Precision vehicles are shown during the business's open house last week near Fairbury / CIFN photo.

The Jenner Precision facility west of Fairbury in Livingston County is in a sweet spot for crops, since area fields have received the right amount of rain so far this season.

“Our stuff looks really good in this area,” explained Bryan Fehr, general manager for Jenner Precision.

Crop conditions vary when traveling north and south of the Fairbury area, according to Fehr.

Jenner Precision held its annual field day and open house for customers last week. Fehr said they had a great turnout, good comments and positive feedback. In fact, they almost ran out of food. Jenner brings in its various vendors which provides a farm show-like atmosphere.

“I did have one guy tell me that comes down from up by Morris that he loves coming here because he gets one on one with the vendor and isn’t rushed,” said Fehr.

Jenner Precision offers products from Precision Planting, Ag Leader, Raven, Headsight and 360 Yield Center.

“We have three full-time service techs, three full-time salesmen and that’s all we do here,” added Fehr.

Look for the Jenner guys out in the fields this fall handing out candy bars and Gatorade to local farmers. More information can be found from the Jenner website or by calling 815-692-6655.

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