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Fungicide time nears

A cornfield shoots tassels in Livingston County this week / CIFN photo

LEXINGTON – After a few scattered showers this week, tassels are appearing in area corn fields.

Kelsey McNamara, field advisor for Brandt Consolidated, says it is appropriate to use fungicide on corn since the plants experienced stress early on and we will likely see more hot and dry weather in the future.

“We really believe that a fungicide can benefit the plant during photosynthesis and sugar production to keep the plant healthy, which protects against yield loss,” McNamara told The Central Illinois Farm Network this week.

The folks at Brandt would like to see all tassels exposed before aerial applications of fungicide are made. All of the fungicide should be applied before brown silk in order to get the most benefit.

“If there’s anything that any of us at Brandt can help you with while making these critical decisions during VT, we would be more than happy to,” added McNamara.

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