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Important time for crops

(CIFN file photo)

This time of the year, it takes quite a bit of water to raise successful crops and one ag retailer is hopeful that we will continue getting needed rainfall as the season progresses.

Most growers were able to complete corn herbicide applications and quite a few soybeans have been sprayed around the state. John Allen, retail sales manager for Brandt Consolidated, says it is good to get a shower on those previously-applied residual herbicides.

“As I drive around and look at some of these fields, the replant in our area wasn’t the magnitude that was anticipated,” Allen said.

The crops endured excess water this spring better than Allen and many in the industry thought. We are nowhere near a record crop at this point due to early season stress but Allen anticipates we will be at 85 to 90 percent of those really good years.

More information on Brandt can be accessed at The website lists all of the retail locations and includes contact information for the various Brandt professionals.

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