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Meeting focuses on aerial application

Scott Schertz presents information during a meeting near Cooksville last week / CIFN photo.

COOKSVILLE – The 2017 summer ag meeting season is underway in Central Illinois. Schertz Aerial Service held its June grower meeting recently near Cooksville.

According to owner Scott Schertz, there are several tools available to help crops maximize their potential ranging from cost-effective fungicide options to the use of newer technology.

“We’ve spent a lot of time setting the airplanes up, making sure we have an excellent pattern coming out of the airplane,” Schertz explained.

One of the talking points included advances in technology for airplanes and spreaders. Also, if warm and dry conditions persist this summer, Schertz Aerial offers spider mite control. Schertz offers several crop protection products, furnishing most of them by air.

Meeting speakers included Jack Marshall, a technical service representative for BASF; Doug Sutton, regional sales representative for Syngenta; and Doug Hanson, seed specialist with ProHarvest.

More information on Schertz Aerial Service can be found online or by contacting one of their locations in Hudson or Cooksville.

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