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Here's to Dairy Month

Cows graze at Kilgus Farmstead south of Fairbury / CIFN photo

Raise your milk glass because this is Dairy Month.

Each June, folks everywhere celebrate the important contributions provided to the world from the dairy sector.

“That’s a lot of sustainability, economic development and most important of all – nutrition,” said Marla Behrends of Midwest Dairy.

June became Dairy Month because of the abundant green grass and extra milk produced in that time.

“They brought attention to that years ago so we are just continuing that worldwide,” added Behrends.

Several events are planned throughout the state to celebrate the dairy industry, one of which occurs in Central Illinois this weekend. Kilgus Farmstead near Fairbury will host its annual Breakfast on the Farm, sponsored by the Livingston County Farm Bureau Young Leaders. Visitors will also have the chance to check out the Kilgus dairy operation and other livestock on the farm. Parents can bring their kids out to enjoy games and activities as well.

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