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Farmers trying to stay optimistic

(CIFN file photo)

DOWNS – Despite lower crop prices and a wet spring so far, growers throughout the state are trying to stay optimistic.

“We are hoping the markets rebound, especially when you’ve still got crops being flooded out and are thinking about replanting,” southeastern McLean County farmer Dennis Wentworth said this week.

Wentworth feels fortunate to have farms here in Central Illinois, since entire fields in other parts of the state may not get planted at all this year because of wet conditions.

“I hate to hear that. I hope the market responds to that sooner or later.”

Wentworth has been finishing up side dressing corn and is preparing for post-planting herbicide application on his corn and soybeans. Wentworth’s early planted crops are looking really good and even the later planted fields are finally getting some heat and seeing growth.

“We had a couple of two-inch rains at different times but just missed out on the rains some of our neighbors had,” Wentworth explained. “I’m real pleased with how things look.”

The Wentworths had to replant a few soybeans but no corn so far. In southern McLean County, there is still some seed corn planting happening and a few growers are finishing up soybeans.

Wentworth refers to the entire planting season as an “on and off process” and admits spraying fields has been a challenge because of all the windy days.

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