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View from the Cab: The little things

(CIFN photo)

I took some time to enjoy those little things last week and dined on chicken patties and mashed potatoes with my buddy Kasen.

This was my third time eating a school lunch with the little man this school year. We had a great conversation and some fun at recess afterwards. I must say the Trump-era school lunch gets a thumbs-up. Must be the removal of those sodium limits, right? Calm down political pundits…I enjoyed the meal under the Obama era as well.

Rebecca was even able to join us for a few minutes. That quality family time was a highlight of the week. I look forward to taking in another school lunch or two next year and I already told Kenadee I would eat with her when she is in school.

We also took in Kasen’s very first baseball game in Fairbury and enjoyed seeing all of our nieces receive awards and graduate from junior high. It was the perfect week to enjoy those little things in life since we only had a good day or two for fieldwork. This on and off rain pattern can end any time now.

It seems this whole spring has been hit or miss. Some growers were lucky enough to finish all of their corn and soybean planting while others have not yet finished or are still trying to replant certain areas of fields. Someone just told me the other day we will likely be going straight from planting season to spraying with no break in between. A few growers in this area have started sidedressing nitrogen on corn and before we know it, those soybeans will need to be sprayed during June.

We are getting used to long stretches of farm work. Just two weeks ago, we saw nonstop action for several days in a row. There were some sleepless nights and long hours spent in the field, but a lot of work was completed. That week will be remembered for the strong winds which whipped up impressive amounts of dust blowing across the countryside. I can’t remember seeing those so-called “dust storms” since I was a young boy.

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