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An easier way to scout crops

(CIFN file photo)

New technology is giving insurance representatives the ability to identify crop damage much quicker and more comprehensively.

Country Financial is using drones with an iPad to take photos of field damage which would not be found by simply scouting on foot.

“It’s a value-added service. We don’t charge for this,” explained Todd Manning, Country Financial crop adjustor coordinator. “We have not had anybody turn us down.”

When wind claims cover a large area, as many as eight to 10 adjusters could be walking the fields trying to locate damage. The drone method provides a much quicker and easier alternative to scouting.

“When corn gets up to about eight feet tall and it’s 95 degrees outside, it’s not much fun (walking).”

Country Financial conducted presentations and hosted special informational displays at various ag meetings over the winter. To learn more, contact your local Country Financial representative.

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