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Farmer Friday: Dean Atkins

Dean Atkins treats seed in the shop of Atkins Seed Service recently / CIFN photo.

CHENOA – If your last name is Atkins, farming is in your blood. Dean Atkins operates a fourth generation farm in Central Illinois with his father Dale.

Dean’s grandfather started farming after losing his father at a young age, so the grandfather and his older brother took over and the Atkins have grown the operation from there.

The Atkins farm corn, soybeans and wheat and operate a seed and Precision Planting business known as Atkins Seed Service. They work on planters and update them with the newest technology.

“We are in our 43rd year of service here. Dad started it out of our farm and we have built it from there. When I got out of college and came back here, we started growing the Precision Planting and seed treatment side of it,” Dean said.

Dean is hopeful for dry planting conditions during the spring, but is hoping for the appropriate moisture later in the season to give us good crops like in recent years. He is optimistic on prices and is trying to stay positive on yield prospects for the coming season.

“Good luck to everybody else out there and God bless.”

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