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Planters start rolling across region

(CIFN file photo)

GRIDLEY – During the few dry days we have had this month, growers in the Gridley area of McLean County have taken advantage of the situation.

“A couple of planters started rolling here the last few days,” said Kyle Wettstein, a field advisor for Brandt Consolidated’s Gridley location. “From talking to them, they said the ground is working up pretty good.”

Wettstein cautions producers to keep a close eye on soil conditions this spring as the ground may appear dry on top but be wet underneath.

“Make sure we aren’t making any compaction layers there or getting into some situations we are going to regret down the road.”

Brandt believes seed treatment provides needed protection especially during cool, wet weather. If wet weather continues to delay fieldwork, Wettstein doesn’t recommend abandoning the full-season corn varieties until the end of May. That’s when growers may want to consider switching to an earlier number.

There are also plenty of soybean trait options available this year. Wettstein says to keep local retailers and neighbors aware of what you have planted in each field so there is no confusion when it is time for post spraying applications.

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