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Finding value in cross promotion

Luke Crawford is shown during the United Soybean Board's See for Yourself program / photo courtesy of USB

JACKSONVILLE – A farmer from Jacksonville, who also serves as an Illinois Soy Ambassador, believes it is critical for the state’s soybean industry to be well represented.

Luke Crawford says livestock producers use the majority of soybean meal in Illinois, which is the perfect example of individuals in ag working together.

“The more we can get guys thinking and talking about that and growing, especially in the pork industry, I think the better it is for Illinois Soy and farmers in general,” Crawford said during this year’s Illinois Pork Expo.

Crawford would like to see more farmers in Illinois using soybean products. There are chances for young farmers to expand by adding a livestock facility to their farm.

“That uses a lot of Illinois soy and we want to keep promoting that and doing that.”

By co-creating opportunities in agriculture, Crawford feels that can benefit everyone from pig farmers to soybean growers. Crawford farms around 1,500 acres north of Jacksonville with his father. They just started a new 2,500-head livestock barn.

“This was a place where I was able to contribute and really bring value to our farm and what we are doing,” Crawford explained.

The Crawfords strive to do things right for the environment and their local community.

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