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LG offers 'Advantage Acre'

(CIFN file photo)

MINONK – LG Seeds has commercially released a new program known as Advantage Acre.

This allows customers to utilize precision agriculture on their ground, centered around soil types and farming practices.

“It’s all encompassing with their soil type, seed, fertility and the whole nine yards,” explained Bryan Lessen, LG district sales manager for north central Illinois.

Lessen believes the program makes it easy for a farmer to get started with precision ag. LG has been testing its varieties for several years when it comes to variable rate seeding across numerous soil types. Advantage Acre focuses on LG Seeds genetics and digesting functional soil mapping.

Early planting thoughts

Lessen is not opposed to early soybean planting, however if you do plant early, you should fully treat soybeans with insecticide and fungicide which can really help the stand.

“Every grower needs to study their own risk and adversity to risk and do what is right for them.”

Area field update

Lessen noticed some field activity in his area near Minonk during the recent dry spell in Central Illinois. Work included leveling of stalks, tile installation and application of anhydrous ammonia.

“They certainly got a start on spring activities here during that warm spell,” Lessen said.

More information on LG Seeds can be found online at The website includes local dealer and district sales representative information. You can also contact Lessen directly with any questions at 309-660-5974.

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