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Early soybean planting important

(CIFN file photo)

LEXINGTON – One way to get the proper return on your seed investment is to plant soybeans early.

Yale Young, field advisor with Brandt Consolidated, says the earlier you can get those soybeans in the ground, the better off they are.

“We’ve always taken the time and done our research on the corn, but we need to take the time and do research on soybeans making sure it’s the right variety,” Young told The Central Illinois Farm Network.

Young notes fields must have the right drainage, fertility and soil type. The proper maturity is also critical for maximizing yields while seed treatment is important for early planting.

“I think seed treatment is a big plus we’ve got to have from a seed standpoint.”

Companies are moving forward with the new Extend soybean platform and we are starting to see some tank mix partners.

“I think we’ll have some post tank mixes as well coming down the road. We still must overlap our residuals,” Young added.

More information can be found in the Brandt Consolidated research and development books available at your local Brandt location.

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