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Local grower attends Commodity Classic

(Photo courtesy of Doug Schroeder for the CIFN)

An Illinois Soybean Association director from Mahomet had the chance to attend this week’s Commodity Classic in San Antonio, Texas.

Doug Schroeder says the event has gone well and he encourages any producer out there to attend the event at least once to see what happens there.

“This trade show is like no one I’ve ever been to. I think we’re getting close to 10,000 people at this thing now,” Schroeder told The Central Illinois Farm Network via phone on Thursday.

According to Schroeder, Commodity Classic gives producers from all over the country the chance to learn, see and do a lot with agriculture. One of the big topics included the new presidential administration. Schroeder notes a large percentage of Illinois soybeans are exported internationally and President Donald Trump has a different philosophy on trade than his predecessors.

“We’re not part of TPP anymore and we’re not part of NAFTA anymore. When we are exporting that big of a percentage of our crop, we have to adapt and find out how to make sure our customers are still going to be met with Illinois soybeans.”

Schroeder serves as the state secretary for ISA and serves on the Executive Committee, which does quite a bit of planning for the board. He is also on the Poultry and Egg Export Council.

“I like to work on the demand side. I think that’s really important to the Illinois soybean farmer and that’s where I spend most of my time,” Schroeder added.

Heading into a new growing season, Schroeder is excited about the new Dicamba release. He admits farmers have many choices when it comes to beans – such as conventional, Roundup Ready II, Liberty or some new chemistries. He recommends making the best call for your operation and going with it.

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