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Interest in soil health grows

Products from Midwest Bio-Tech, Inc. are displayed at this year's Gordyville farm show / CIFN photo

ERIE, Illinois – Improving soil health is a big deal for farmers and one company wants to help out in any way they can.

Midwest Bio-Tech, Inc. markets enzyme-based products to improve soils, naturally enhancing crop and livestock production.

“We get quite a bit of interest – especially since there has been a lot more interest in soil health lately,” admits Douglas Miller, vice president of Midwest Bio-Tech.

A couple of the company’s products directly improve soil health and try to make more nutrients available so farmers get better value for their fertilizer dollars and overcome challenges such as excess moisture and root growth.

Midwest Bio-Tech’s product is non-toxic and all natural. It can be applied in several different ways to the soil and leads to less compaction with higher organic matter.

“What it does is multiplies the beneficial microbes on the soil that help make nutrients available and build soil structure,” added Miller.

More information can be obtained online at Midwest Bio-Tech was among the exhibitors at this year’s Midwest Ag Expo at Gordyville.

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