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Decision-making tools available

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More growers are starting to take advantage of new nitrogen management and data tools available for decision-making on the farm.

Ag is becoming digitized and that’s not a bad thing. New technology can help growers deal with adverse weather, decreasing water availability and pest pressure. Sean Arians, marketing manager for The Climate Corporation, calls this a “digital ag revolution.”

“Field health imagery allows us to take a bird’s eye view of what is going on,” Arians said at last month’s Livingston County Agronomy Day in Pontiac.

The Climate Corporation’s goal is to make it easier for the consumer to analyze information, putting data all into one platform to help with the decision-making process.

“It’s all about giving us a really quick way to understand what’s going on,” Arians added.

The company is able to create an analysis by zone, using available technology to see if certain practices worked or not. Climate can now do advanced scripting for fields and nitrogen scenario planning. This creates the ability to put in a target yield and update that target. Soil data can also be inserted.

In the future, Arians believes we will eventually connect the field to technology like we connected the tractor cab.

“If you were to utilize our data sharing platform, you own the data,” he added.

Shorty Stork is a local Climate dealer. He can be reached at 815-674-4497 or by e-mail at:

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