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Dryness persists in western Illinois

(CIFN file photo)

State Climatologist Jim Angel considers the western part of Illinois an “area of concern” because of dry conditions.

Precipitation in that part of the state is down 4 to 8 inches below normal since September. If this trend continues, we may start to see impacts such as lower water levels in ponds, lakes, rivers, streams and wells.

“The good news is that this was on the heels of a wet summer and the demand on soil moisture is less than fall and winter anyway,” Angel said.

According to the National Weather Service, we have an increased chance of above normal temperatures during February. The short-term forecast, which goes out 14 days, shows above normal temperatures prevailing. For the most part, Illinois has equal chances of above, below and near normal precipitation for February. Wet conditions are expected in the eastern part of the state for the near future.

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