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Beck's provides insights into ag

A previous Beck's Practical Farm Research tour is shown in Downs / CIFN file photo

DWIGHT – What was formerly known as the PFR Winter Meeting is now known as an “insight meeting” hosted by Becks Hybrids.

The event took place last month in Dwight with a goal of providing something more unique to the industry than what had been done in the past. Jake Ralph, team dealer manager and Becks seed advisor, said the meeting covered what is currently profitable in agriculture and what is not.

“We didn’t have our sales hats on, but we did study certain varieties from a standpoint of nitrogen use efficiency and things like that,” Ralph said.

Where to save the most money while still having high production numbers is the biggest issue in the ag industry currently.

“A lot of that is shaving down expenses and input prices wherever possible,” explained Ralph. “There’s a light at the end of the tunnel, I think, because we are putting a crop in cheaper than we have in the last five years.”

Ralph said Becks has a great lineup of products coming out this year, so he urges growers to look for plot data to be released later in the season. Becks plans to continue doing its PFR research to bring value to the customer as often as possible. According to Ralph, the company has a very aggressive price on seed treatment for sudden death syndrome.

To find out more about the offerings of Becks Hybrids, Ralph can be reached at 309-319-8590 or by e-mail at:

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