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Gordyville show a popular attraction

Farmers collect free buckets Wednesday at Midwest Ag Expo / CIFN photo

GIFFORD – The Midwest Ag Expo, more commonly referred to as the “Gordyville Farm Show,” remains popular among farmers despite a tougher farm economy.

“The only reason you come here is for the farm show,” said exhibitor Pete Manhart of Bates Commodities. “You don’t have a gambling boat nearby or anything else like some areas.”

Farmers stopped by Manhart’s booth Wednesday to talk about corn and soybean prices and how to protect those prices. Soybeans were up 70-80 cents during the past few weeks but are backing off. Corn had been up about 20 cents.

“It’s a lot higher than it was a month ago. With the crop that is going to be planted this spring, who knows what the acres will be,” Manhart added.

If there are quite a few more soybean acres like analysts are expecting, that could push prices down. Manhart believes this is a time to be looking at protecting the crop as much as possible.

Jerry Pankow, sales representative for Central Illinois Scale Company based in Decatur, was busy discussing the business’s offerings with growers. The company offers truck and fertilizer scales along with moisture meter equipment and camera systems. Two kinds are moisture testers were featured at the farm show.

“We’ve got a handheld model that you can utilize in the field. We also have a stationary version to monitor and test your grain moistures,” Pankow explained.

Pankow said he has had good interaction with potential customers. Central Illinois Scale Company also has branches in Danville and Peoria and covers pretty much all of Central Illinois. For more information, visit

A familiar site greeted Gordyville show attendees: students from the Prairie Central FFA chapter selling tractor raffle tickets. The group restored an Oliver 88 in class. Tickets are available through March 16, when Prairie Central will hold its annual FFA hog roast and auction. Tickets are one for $10 or three for $20.

“It’s a diesel, a 1952. We spent quite a bit of time restoring it,” said FFA member Brandon Edelman.

“We repaired anything that needed to be repaired and then we sandblasted the tractor and painted it,” added Tyson Stork.

Micheal Conlisk assisted in the restoration effort by doing side projects such as sheet metal work and helping to put pistons in. Kylie Miller also offered her support.

“February 25 we have a Farm and Home Show that is open to the public and we serve lunch. There will be a bunch of businesses there and we will also be selling tickets there for this tractor,” Miller said.

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