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Bachtolds named conservation family

The Bachtold family was honored by the LCSWCD in Pontiac last Thursday / CIFN photo.

PONTIAC – The Bachtold Family Farm south of Forrest was the recipient of the Conservation Farm Family award from the Livingston County Soil and Water Conservation District.

During the 72nd annual meeting of the LCSWCD at the Pontiac Elks Lodge Thursday, Terry Bachtold noted the importance of working together as a watershed to be more vocal on conservation efforts.

“I’m deeply humbled to get this award. It’s a big honor to get this award in our county,” Bachtold said.

Bachtold retired from the district last September with mixed emotions but continues to stay connected to local watershed efforts. He is an associate director on the district board and will be working with the new Vermilion Headwaters project.

The Bachtolds have a cow calf operation with conservation efforts such as rotational grazing, set aside by streams and creek crossings.

“Even though we are a traditional corn and soybean farming community, you can also do conservation practices with livestock,” Bachtold added.

Partners in Conservation awards were presented to Evergreen FS at Forrest and Griswold and Heritage FS of Charlotte. John Wilken was also an award recipient. Chuck Hanley and Marcus Maier were reelected as directors.

LCSWCD Chairman Lee Bunting said the district has gone more than 20 months without any state funding but does receive strong support from the County Board, Livingston County Farm Bureau and grants through the American Farmland Trust. Bunting discussed the new watershed project which started last year around Saunemin.

“It is a high-priority watershed for nitrate issues. We had done a lot of work in the last five years at Indian Creek, which is in the Fairbury area, and now we are moving a little bit farther north and east.”

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