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Company customizes planters

An IntelliPlanter is displayed at the recent Greater Peoria Farm Show / CIFN photo.

Edelstein, Illinois – One Illinois company hopes to make your planter the most intelligent ever, no matter what color.

KE Precision Ag of Edelstein specializes in building a customized row crop planter for farmers. Using a bare toolbar, the company allows producers to choose the row unit they want for the planter. After mounting the row unit, some Precision Planting components are added to create what is known as the IntelliPlanter.

“We add Precision Planting technology – metering, equipment, automatic shutoffs, downforce with hydraulic control and a product called CleanSweep,” KE Precision Ag sales manager Bruce Ristau explained.

IntelliPlanter is the trade name which KE Precision Ag licensed.

“A lot of farmers get us confused with a few different things because of the names but we really pride ourselves in using the IntelliPlanter as we as the Precision Planting technology,” added Ristau.

The technologies offered through Precision Planting defeat yield-robbing issues with planters and Ristau says his company’s product is high quality giving growers the chance to put a good stand of corn out in the field.

Once everything is set up, the planter can be pulled by the tractor of the farmer’s choice. Ristau was showing off the planter technology at the KE Precision Ag booth during the recent Greater Peoria Farm Show.

More information can be found at or by calling 309-319-0554.

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