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Dicamba unknowns remain

Dicamba is not a product we can rely on just yet because of too many unknowns, according to one area technical agronomist.

Dan Froelich of Brandt Consolidated says several interested parties, including the Department of Agriculture, Illinois EPA and Illinois Soybean Association, have been discussing the dicamba label and approvals for Illinois.

Looking back on what happened in Arkansas last year, there is a lot of concern about what could happen this summer and how we can try to alleviate any issues there may be.

“Indiana is leaning toward declaring dicamba on soybeans a regulated product, so you would have to have your license and everything to purchase it,” said Froelich.

There is talk of doing this in Illinois, but there are groups against it. Some are concerned growers would try to buy cheaper options to spray on their soybeans. This means the product is off label and there is an opportunity for volatility and drift.

“We’re just trying to think ahead. The genie is about to get out of the bottle again and we’ve got to be careful with it,” Froelich adds.

The dicamba label we have today is not truly a usable label since it does not allow for any tank mixes whatsoever. A drift agent cannot even be added to it. Froelich urges growers to keep this in mind as we head into the next growing season.

When it comes to handling water hemp in 2017, Froelich says we cannot let it even emerge. Do this by considering products with multiple action sites.

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