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Success starts with genetics

Whether you are working with crops or livestock, you have to start with the best genetics.

Yale Young of Brandt Consolidated says growers can make some of those lower price genetics work but they must be good managers. When making seed selections for next spring, growers should select the genetics which fit their operation.

“What is pretty neat in the DeKalb lineup is we can talk about six to eight hybrids and feel comfortable with all six or eight of those,” Young said.

As growers continue to plant earlier each year, Young believes corn and soybean seed treatments are important.

“As we up the population on corn, we’ve got to make sure we are putting nutrients back.”

Local farmers had a good fall to get dry fertilizer and anhydrous ammonia applied on fields. Young urges farmers to reflect on how thankful we are here in Central Illinois this time of the year.

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