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New ROI calculator launched

Tiger-Sul Products, a global leader in Sulphur Fertilizer manufacturing, launched a new ROI (Return on Investment) calculator feature on its mobile Agronomic Nutrient Calculator app and website.

This innovative and powerful tool will allow farmers to make better-informed business decisions based on return-on-investment calculations for their crop nutrient program. The new ROI feature in the Tiger Nutrient Calculator eliminates guesswork and illustrates how growers can increase yields and profits through optimal TIGER product applications. The new ROI feature also offers years of data on trials and R&D activities conducted by Tiger-Sul in easy-to-understand and concise summarized fact sheets. The user-friendly interface and results dashboard on both the Tiger website and mobile app deliver an easy and rich user experience. In addition to the ROI feature, the Nutrient Calculator mobile app helps growers determine amounts of vital crop nutrients needed – including TIGER fertilizers and micronutrients – to optimize yields. The app covers all key crops including corn, canola and soybeans. In addition, the app contains the complete Tiger-Sul product line, as well as contact information.

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