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October was warm and dry

CHAMPAIGN – October was warm and dry across Illinois, according to State Climatologist Jim Angel with the State Water Survey.

The average statewide temperature was 59.8, which is 5.4 degrees above normal. It was the seventh warmest October on record with average precipitation at 2.4 inches, .9 inches below normal.

“There were a few bands with 3-5 inches of rain across northern Illinois and along Interstate 70. Outside of those areas, October was drier than normal,” said Angel.

In the weekly weather summary issued last Friday, the four-inch soil temperature ranged from the 50s in northern Illinois to the 60s across the central and southern parts of the state. This was warmer than it was a week before.

The November weather outlook from the National Weather Service shows a strong chance of above normal temperatures. Dryness in the south is expected to continue and the rest of the state could stay dry as well during the next 14 days.

According to Angel, soil moisture is okay for now but extended dry weather could pose a challenge for winter wheat and cover crops.

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