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View from the Cab: A fan of fair weather

We may have had a few rain events, but you can’t say the fall weather hasn’t been ideal so far this year.

When the temperature approached 80 degrees on Nov. 1, I wasn’t complaining. It felt more like we should be out there planting corn than chiseling corn stalks. Rarely do I have the air conditioner cranked so low in the tractor cab this late in the year. We even had a few spring-like thunderstorms last week with some decent weather in between the storm systems.

Since I was rained out of the field last Wednesday afternoon, Kasen and I played a game of soccer in the front yard and we didn’t even need our jackets. Our cats seem to be enjoying the mild fall too as you can catch them lounging in the yard taking in the sunlight. Who needs to winter in Florida when we have great weather right here in Central Illinois?

You may be wondering how long our milder-than-normal weather pattern will last. Well, some forecasters are predicting cooler and wetter weather as we approach the end of the month. But until then, we will enjoy whatever Mother Nature gives us. I am also enjoying a low gas and electric bill thanks to an idle furnace.

If any of you growers are thinking of applying anhydrous ammonia, remember to wait until the soil temperature cools enough. A little patience can go a long way when dealing with something such as this. Many farmers may end up finishing their tillage work before even starting the anhydrous applications.

How about those Cubs? I bet every tractor radio was tuned to a Cubs game during the playoffs and World Series games. I have noticed quite a few “W” flags flying proudly out in the countryside at various farmsteads. I always enjoy seeing that big “C” on the side of a barn just south of Pontiac on the Weston Blacktop. Back in 2003, I recall they had the barn lit up at night. I am not sure if that was the case this year.

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