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Thoughts turn to seed, fertilizer

Anhydrous ammonia is applied in Livingston County last year / CIFN file photo.

Now that harvest is completed for most growers, thoughts turn to seed orders and fertilizer application.

John Allen, retail sales manager for Brandt Consolidated, encourages farmers to place 2017 seed orders now to ensure they get the best varieties to match their farm.

“To secure that product for the 2017 season, it’s good to get your orders in and cover your bases,” Allen told The Central Illinois Farm Network.

This is the point in the year when fertilizer is applied before the weather breaks. If you have lime which needs to be applied, it is a good time to get that taken care of. Growers should work within the parameters of the 4R’s for the benefit of all.

“Nitrogen applications are a big part of that,” said Allen. “We’ve had some unseasonably warm weather and it’s delaying what may be the typical starting date for anhydrous.”

Expect to see some toolbars going across fields in the countryside late next week, when temperatures are expected to cool. Allen hopes farmers continue to put safety first this fall – especially when it comes to anhydrous application. He urges folks to slow down, be careful and think about what they are doing.

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