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Soybean growers support U.S. action

BLOOMINGTON – Illinois Soybean Growers are pleased that for the first time in 25 years the United States abstained in a vote by the United Nations General Assembly as it again adopted a resolution to renew its call for an end to the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States against Cuba.

ISG President Daryl Cates, a soybean farmer from Columbia, Ill. who visited Cuba last fall, says:

“This is a historic moment for relations between the United States and Cuba, and one that ISG supports. We’ve been to Cuba ten times. We’ve listened to Cuban officials and hosted them in Illinois. We believe that the embargo needs to end. We believe that the improvement of economic trade relations between the U.S. and Cuba is the foundation for future success between the two countries. We believe that the development of the Cuban economy is as beneficial to Cuba as it is the U.S. and our Illinois soybean farmers. It’s an important market for Illinois soybeans and the poultry who consume our protein-rich meal. We support actions taken by both Congress and President Barack Obama to open up relations and trade opportunities with Cuba. Today’s vote re-affirms that progress.”

Illinois Soybean Growers (ISG) is a membership organization serving more than 43,000 Illinois soybean growers. ISG provides advocacy in Springfield and Washington, D.C., to promote the interests of Illinois soybean farmers and programs that enhance soybean production and demand.

Voice for Soy, the online action center supported by ISG, allows growers to easily connect with legislators and regulators to advocate for Illinois agriculture. For more information about ISG, visit the

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