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Data comes in from research plots

A former Brandt agronomy day is shown / CIFN file photo.

Research data is trickling in now that the crops are coming off of area research plots.

A good yield response from fungicide was discovered this year at the Brandt Consolidated research farm near Lexington in McLean County. Technical Agronomist Dan Froelich believes splitting nitrogen applications can make a big difference as he observed a 10-bushel increase.

“There are some things people can do when you’re not really spending any more money,” Froelich said.

Froelich expects to hold a winter meeting to fully discuss the research results from the past season. A cover crop trial is planned for next year as cover crops will be planted ahead of soybeans.

Froelich cautions farmers against applying anhydrous too soon, as the ground temperature needs to drop below 50 degrees first. Growers should also remember to use a stabilizer with fall ammonia.

“There is way too much attention being paid to the farming operations and the environmentalists are going to be on top of us watching water quality.”

Producers still must prepare for next year’s crop by doing a fall burndown application to stay on top of the weed situation – especially with all of the weed resistance experienced in fields recently. The ideal window for application comes between Halloween and Thanksgiving.

“Everybody have a safe harvest,” Froelich adds. “We’ve been pretty lucky so far and haven’t heard of anybody getting hurt seriously in the area and let’s keep it that way.”

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