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View from the Cab: Harvest Favorites

As we enter the home stretch of harvest, and I am pretty much going non-stop in the combine, I thought I would share a previous View from the Cab which ran in 2014 about my harvest favorites.

While sitting in the truck waiting to haul in yet another load of corn to the elevator the other day, I compiled a list of things I enjoy about the fall harvest season.

  • Seeing the grain dryer lights on at area grain elevators during the evening.

  • Country sunrises and sunsets – is there anything better?

  • The smell of freshly harvested corn in the air.

  • Working under a blue clear sky during the middle of the day with a few country tunes blaring on the radio.

  • Having that fresh cup of morning coffee within reach.

  • The challenge of getting all of the crops in before the weather turns in an instant.

  • A climate-controlled cab.

  • Being the only one hauling into the local grain elevator and having the place to myself.

  • Lunch.

  • Being able to turn off the truck while waiting for a load of grain along a country roadside and enjoying the tranquility of Mother Nature.

  • A cold pop in the afternoon (I think I inherited this tendency from Grandpa who always has a Pepsi nearby).

  • The view of soybean dust dotting the landscape prior to sunset.

  • Coming home to my wonderful family each night.

I am sure all of you farmers can relate to the above list and I thought it would be fun to share.

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