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This is Pork Month

Illinois Pork Producers are kicking-off October Pork Month with a special Pork-apalooza contest. The contest is a mobile scratch-to-win trivia game and participants have the opportunity to win FREE pork at participating Illinois County Market stores! No purchase necessary. Contest begins October 7 and ends October 31.

“Pork Month is an opportunity to refresh the connection consumers have with pig farmers and what better way than to WIN FREE PORK! The new PORK-apalooza scratch-to-win mobile contest does just that!” says Erin Cleary, IPPA Director of Marketing, “By texting the word PORK to 43817 on your mobile device, the game starts! Then, fun trivia questions about the pork industry will be asked and if the player answers correctly, they can win free bacon, free pork loins and an amazing FREE PORK tailgating package worth $30! Go hog wild and celebrate October Pork Month deliciously!”

Historically in October hogs were sent to market, thus October became known as pork month. Now, hogs are marketed throughout the year, but October continues to hold its claim on pork month taking the opportunity to thank our hard working producers and promoting the products they produce.

Pork is packed with high-quality protein and nine key nutrients, making it an essential part of a healthy diet. Just a 3-oz. serving of pork contains protein and many vitamins and minerals our bodies need each day.

Today’s pork is also extremely versatile. You can get the obvious pork chops and bacon, but don’t forget about ground pork, ribs, tenderloins, sausage, roasts, and more! The seven most common cuts of pork are on average 16% leaner than they were 20 years ago.

In order to get that pork cooked perfectly be sure to cook it to 145 degrees, or 160 degrees for ground pork.

For more information about the Pork-apalooza scratch-to-win mobile contest and a list of participating County Market stores visit

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