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View from the Cab: A well-oiled machine

Kent's real view from the cab last week in an area field.

We have been spoiled by all of the nice weather during the past few weeks.

Who would have thought a month ago we would get into the fields in a timely manner? The wet summer gave way to a decent fall so far and there are a lot of empty fields out in the countryside. Yields continue to sound impressive on both corn and soybeans although there is still quite a bit of the harvest season left.

I continue to survive on very little sleep and extra caffeine during the day as we bring in the crops. I have a feeling I’m not the only one doing this. Just ask any farmer in Central Illinois how busy their schedule has been during the past few weeks. This is similar to last year when we had very few weather interruptions. Guys were actually waiting for a rain event to come through so they could catch up on sleep.

Our harvest operation seems to work like a well-oiled machine this year. Once the combine dumps on me (operating the auger wagon) and I dump on the trucks, those trucks immediately head for town and the whole cycle repeats itself in a fairly timely manner. In fact, one of our drivers kids me by giving me the hand signal to “keep it going.”

I know I mention it every year, but did you catch some of those amazing harvest sunsets last week? They were neat to see especially on a farm with a few hills. I managed to catch a couple of the scenes on camera. My phone usually serves as the main camera while we are in the field but seems to work okay. I’m not quite brave enough to take the Canon out there just yet.

You have likely seen those “Start Seeing Farmer” signs from the Livingston County Farm Bureau, Kelly-Sauder-Rupiper and Stoller International. I am glad so many are showing up around the county to remind motorists to be on the lookout for large machinery on the road.

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