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New yield analysis tools offered

A FieldView sign is displayed during a plot tour hosted by Shorty Stork in August / CIFN photo.

As farmers head to the fields for harvest, they will have some new yield analysis tools at their fingertips.

One of those tools includes the Field Region Report, available from the FieldView Cab app through The Climate Corporation.

“It allows you to do some really in-depth analysis on your iPad while information is streaming in off the machine,” explained Tom Nesbitt, Climate business manager for northeast Illinois.

As yield data comes in from the combine, users can draw circles using their finger on an iPad screen to break down yield by population, hybrid, soil type and elevation.

“The whole digital ag industry is really booming and it’s exciting to be a part of it. Just to see the product evolve as quickly as it has over the last six to eight months has been really fun.”

Climate offers a variety of products, such as a field health advisor, nitrogen modeling tool and script creator to create prescriptions for fields by hybrids and population. Nesbitt was one of the speakers during Shorty Stork’s plot tour and field day event held near Chenoa during August. Stork is a Climate dealer.

For more information, contact Stork at 815-674-4497, by e-mail at or visit

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