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Tour yields impressive numbers

Corn is shown in Waldo Township of Livingston County / LCCGA photo.

PONTIAC – The first annual Livingston County Corn Growers Association yield tour has produced some impressive results.

“We just finally got to the point where we could put it into action,” explains Jake Ralph of the LCCGA. “That way, we as farmers in Livingston County can have an idea of what we’re going to see this fall from a yield and crop health standpoint.”

The county average was 199.6 bushels per acre. Tour participants used a divisor of 90 on all of the checks so the estimate could even be a bit low. The group went in 30 steps from end rows and selected every fifth ear for a total of five ears per check and three locations per field.

A yield of 232 was observed in Eppards Point Township, with 216.6 in Forrest Township and slightly over 210 in both Indian Grove and Germanville townships.

Ralph anticipates some surprises out in the field this fall as some corn tried to pollinate during the extreme July heat when nighttime lows remained in the low 80s. He believes certain hybrids are producing larger kernels than expected this season. Ralph and other local growers are hopeful for a safe and bountiful harvest.

“I hope it’s a great one,” he said.

The Livingston County Corn Growers Association has posted the yield tour results on its Facebook page. More information can be obtained from Ralph at 309-319-8590.

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