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Cullom Jr. Fair still going strong

The Friday hog show at the Cullom Jr. Fair / CIFN photo.

CULLOM – A fair started by a group of ag teachers years ago continues to this day in eastern Livingston County.

Cullom Jr. Fair president George Halpin says the teachers felt a need for an additional livestock show in the area. The tradition continues in early August each year.

“We’ve got great community support,” Halpin explained. “A lot of fairs are in trouble these days, but we’ve been fortunate enough as we’ve had private donations.”

Halpin notes that everything in Cullom is donated, including the fair help, so no single person is on the payroll. It is a very active fair with new faces each year. Aside from livestock, entries include domestic arts and flowers.

“It’s a broad spectrum – we’ve got about everything.”

Entries are down slightly due to the State Fair but not by much. Families with more than one sibling usually have the older one go to the State Fair and the younger ones head to Cullom.

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