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Corn yields could beat 2014

CHENOA – A local crop tour has indicated corn yields in Central Illinois could be similar to 2014 or even slightly better.

“It’s all going to be contingent on how many kernels make up a bushel this year,” explained area farmer Brian Schaumburg who walked fields with Tom Kahle of Heartland Bank.

The two usually cover around 150 miles in various directions from the Weston grain elevator. The area includes mid-Livingston County down to Hudson and back over toward Fairbury.

“This is a very, very consistent crop. Fields that have been sprayed are noticeably better with less disease.”

Schaumburg remains cautiously optimistic on soybeans. There was no doubt a year ago the soybeans were going to be good but this year is different since sudden death syndrome is present along with the beginning of white mold in places.

“That could knock the yields almost dramatically,” said Schaumburg.

Everything on Schaumburg’s farms looks good. He believes corn could be black layered by the first of September and harvest should begin right on time if not slightly sooner this year.

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