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Weeds continue to be a concern

FAIRBURY – This continues to be a difficult year for weeds and many are examining their current chemical programs to see what they can do differently in the future.

“Everybody out there has a little bit of a challenge getting everything 100 percent clean like we’d like to see it,” explained Brad Schmidgall, plant manager for the Fairbury Brandt Consolidated location.

Waterhemp is a big deal this season and Schmidgall urges growers to talk to their retailer about current options to deal with the problem weed or even discussing plans for next year. He recommends reevaluating your pre-chemical program and staying aggressive.

“Keep those things from coming up and that makes the whole rest of the year go a lot better.”

Farmers may have to start making the spray post trip a little sooner than normal to stay on top of the weed situation. Also, we can expect to hear more about “layering residuals” in the future.

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