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View from the Cab: Corn all around

If you look along a quiet country road in southeastern Livingston County, you will notice a white, two-story home surrounded by corn.

That would be my home and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I especially love this time of year when the corn gets tall, starts to pollinate and fills the air with a fresh smell. I also enjoy the years when we have corn around the house as it seems to provide a bit more privacy than soybeans.

Secluded by Corn: The Casson Story should be the name of a book. Maybe a winter writing project is in my future. It feels as if Mother Nature has placed a green fence around the property, but I will take that any day over the hustle and bustle of city life.

Is it just me or does the corn seem extra tall this season? Maybe it’s all that rain which fell during the past few weeks. Whatever happened to that drought so many were predicting just three weeks ago? I guess it could still dry out before the summer is over, but with all of the recent showers, this corn crop should be made. We will likely see some high yields out in the field this fall.

The markets sure reflected all of the rain last week as corn and soybean prices tanked since the trade is starting to anticipate a large crop come fall. Many farmers are banking on high yields at this point – that could be their saving grace. I should have sold more corn when the price climbed above $4.00 a little while back. There is still hope, however, since it is only July and anything can happen during a marketing year.

I hope you all had a great time celebrating the Fourth with friends and family. We had a jam packed and fun time as always. Rebecca had relatives in town from several states so we had fun with them and the little ones enjoyed seeing the fireworks display. Dad hosted the traditional family gathering at his place with a potluck supper. Kasen was even Master Firecracker in the Chenoa Fourth of July parade!

With the Historic Farm Days at Penfield now behind us, that means the fairs in Livingston, DeWitt, Iroquois and McLean counties aren’t far off. I am working up an appetite for fair food as we speak.

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