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Governor attends beef awards

(photo courtesy of Gov. Rauner's office)

Governor Rauner attended the Illinois Beef Association’s (IBA) Summer Conference Awards Ceremony Tuesday night to highlight the importance of the agriculture industry in the state of Illinois.

“Agriculture is the backbone of our state,” Governor Rauner said. “It is one of our most important industries, and we need to give our farmers and cattle producers the tools needed to thrive right here in Illinois. Regulations shouldn’t weigh you down, and bureaucracy should not hinder your economic growth. We need a competitive economy to further invest and grow farms and businesses right here in Illinois. I am working hard every day to do just that and to make our government more effective and efficient.” One in 17 jobs in Illinois are related to food and agriculture which produce 9.6% of the state’s economic output totaling $120.9 billion. 97% of all U.S. farms are family owned and the Illinois cattle industry relies on multi-generational family farms, many of which the IBA represents. The Illinois Beef Association is a service based non-profit organization that strives to be the foundation for a profitable and sustainable beef industry.

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